Introduction to Art by Ruby 金曜8PM ネイティブ講師のアートクラス




Age: 10–14 year olds 10−14歳向け (9歳でも英語力に問題ない場合はご参加できます)
Date: Fridays, 8pm-9pm 金曜日8-9PM JST

Description of the class:
Unleash your inner artist and boost your English conversation skills in this engaging Introduction to Art course!  Through a series of hands-on activities, participants will explore the fundamental building blocks of visual art – lines, shapes, and color theory.  They'll experiment with techniques used to create depth and dimension and delve into major artistic movements throughout history. Whether discussing the vibrant world of Pop Art or the dreamlike realm of Surrealism, participants will find themselves actively using and expanding their English vocabulary in a fun and creative environment. By the course's conclusion, participants will not only gain a deeper appreciation for visual art but also develop the confidence to discuss and analyze art with greater fluency in English.

About the Teacher: Hey everyone! I'm teacher Ruby, and learning is an epic quest with me! I fuel my creativity with drawing, creative writing, and playing tabletop RPGs and online games. ⚔️  This creative energy, combined with my experience teaching junior and senior high school, makes lessons an adventure you won't forget!  Let's unlock your potential together!

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