Digital Art Design for Beginners Using Canva ネイティブ講師のCanvaでデジタルアートデザイン!







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Digital Art Design for Beginners Using Canva

Class Description:
Digital Art Design for Beginners Using Canva
Unleash your creativity and explore the world of digital art, even with no prior experience!

This beginner-friendly class will guide you through the fundamentals of the digital art design using Canva, a user-friendly online platform. You'll learn how to leverage Canva's powerful tools and extensive library of resources to create stunning digital artwork.


Fridays 8-9pm

Age recommended : 10+


What you'll learn:

  • Canva Basics: Navigate the Canva interface with ease and discover the tools you need to create compelling digital art.
  • Design Principles: Gain a foundational understanding of design principles like composition, color theory, and typography to elevate your artwork.
  • Creating with Canva: Explore using various design elements like shapes, lines, illustrations, and photos to craft your artistic vision.
  • Text & Fonts: Learn how to effectively incorporate text and utilize fonts to enhance your design's message and aesthetics.
  • Design Techniques: Experiment with different techniques like collage, photo manipulation, and basic graphic design to produce unique digital art pieces.
  • Exporting & Sharing: Learn how to save and export your creations in high-quality formats, ready for sharing online or printing.

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