New class- Monday 610pm ESL with Lily /6-9歳向けの英語クラス 12/4サンプルクラス開催

5-8歳向け英語クラス 新開設につきサンプルクラスを開催します

12/4 (月) 6:10pm-6:55pm


The goal of this class is to relex kids and inspire them to use English fluently. It is extremely important for small kids to "fall in love" with second language.

<from teacher Lily>

My name is Lilly and I have a Bachelor degree in Economics. I have super positive and optimistic personality. I like to tell good stories and also I am a very good listener. My greatest achievement was leading an International Call Center with 4 languages ​​and 200 subordinates with daily used business English. My The lessons are focused on vocabulary building and fluency in English.
I like to meet new couture and travel. My hobbies are yoga, salsa and Spanish.

Pop-up Session: "Thanksgiving Day" / 今週は読み聞かせの代わりにThanksgivingについて学びます。

今週木曜11月16日7:45pm & 金曜4:50pm 、アメリカの11月末の祝日、サンクスギビング(感謝祭)について英語で学びます。

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