Journey Around the World for 8-12yr olds! / 新クラスのサンプルレッスン 1/22(月)

ネイティブ講師Adamのサンプルレッスン「国を旅するEnglishクラス」 月曜6PM開催


  • 月曜 6-7pm
  • 8-12歳対象(簡単な英会話ができる、英検3−4級以上レベル)


Teacher Adam Says; 
I'm an American teacher working in Japan for 10 years. I speak at a good pace for beginning students. I also have a lot of fun materials and exercises we can try in the class. My goal is to boost the students' level while keeping them engaged. In my free time, I enjoy painting and going to museums in Tokyo. I understand the difficulties of learning a foreign language. I hope to keep you inspired and confident on your language learning journey.

About this class:

We will travel to a new destination in every class by Zoom!
The first class will take us to Australia, where we will discuss native animals, the Great Barrier Reef, and even boomerangs. Students will have a chance to learn about the country and share their knowledge. We'll end up traveling to all seven continents. By the end of the lessons, students will have vast knowledge of our world.

Age Group: 8-12 years old

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