Spelling Bee Teacher Raffinのスペリングビークラス 8-14才向け 月曜6PM


Spelling Beeは、英語圏で行われる、単語のスペルをいか正確に言えるかどうかを競う大会。


このクラス受講には、英英辞書が必要です。(Merriam Webster Dictionaryを推奨)※当面は不要な形で開催します!


Spelling Bee

This course is designed to enhance students' spelling abilities, both orally and in written form, while delving into the fascinating world of words. The class not only sharpens spelling proficiency but also deepens students' dictionary skills, cultivates a keen understanding of various parts of speech, refines sentence construction, and hones the essential skill of placing words in alphabetical order.

Date: Mondays 6-7pm

Requirements in class: Notebook, pencil, & a book dictionary (Merriam Webster Dictionary)
(This is not suitable to non English text reader and for someone with beginner English level)

age 8-14

For the Spelling Bee, English level can start at least at intermediate level.

Note from the teacher: Spelling list of words will be provided for the lessons. Dictionaries will be used as we go deeper in learning words and its etymology. There will be both written and oral spelling activities.

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