English Game Show! / Teacher Tyronの新クラス: ゲーム感覚で英語で頭の体操クラス!




月曜 19:45-20:15 JST (現在2名様受講中、あと2名様まで月謝3800円キャンペーン適用)
水曜 20:00-20:30  JST (受講者新規募集中)




Teacher Tyron Says:
Hello, I’m teacher Tyron! I’m from Australia, with Kangaroos and Koalas, but now, I live in Sapporo, up in Hokkaido.  I like Pizza, I like Hamburgers, and my hobby is Skateboarding. So if you want to learn English, please book a class. I can’t wait to meet you!

Compete against other English students and challenge your quick thinking!
In the English Game Show lesson, students will test their conversation, translating, understanding of idioms and slang, rhyming and a bunch of other fun challenges to give you a break from regular lessons and the chance to expand your vocabulary with others. Students will be given 30 seconds to think before beginning the circle challenge of naming a word from a particular theme and going around the circle until everyone who can’t think of another word is our, and one winner remains. Some of the themes will be Animals, Hot foods, Brands, Countries, Western names, Words that rhyme with hat. Circle challenge is just one of many so join a lesson today and expand your English in fun and competitive ways.


Mondays 745pm-815pm / Wed 8-8:30pm. JST

for ages 8-11

Montly Fee : 2500yen /month (30min x 4 lessons per month)

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