7/11 and 7/13 free pop-up session! Learn about service dogs 無料セッション 介助犬について学ぼう

8/15(火 Tue) 11am-12noon for age 10-12  小学校高学年向け

8/17(木 Thu)   6pm-7pm  for age 8-10  小学校中学年向け 






We will be hosting a session about “mobility service dogs”! A high school intern(who has volunteered for a service dog association) will talk about what jobs mobility service dogs do and how they spend a day! Everyone is welcome in this session. You may become aware of social issues that have been unnoticed after learning about mobility service dogs... Please friend us via LINE and send a message as "joining Service Dog session", or contact us to  

参加無料。こちらからお問い合わせいただくか、LINE登録のあと、介助犬セッション参加希望 とメッセージをお送りください。

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