Fri 430pm Sabina's English "Chat Masters" Discussion Class for age 11-14/ 金曜4時半Chat Mastersクラス

木曜5時&金曜4時半で、11歳から14歳むけネイティブ講師のSabinaの"Chat Masters"クラスが開始します!(画像は金曜のみになっていますが、木曜も開催しています)


Chat Masters:

Join the English Fun, Talk, and Grow!
In "Chat Masters," get ready to join a world of English fun, vibrant discussions, and personal growth! This class is all about honing your communication skills through lively conversations and thought-provoking discussions. Engage with your peers, share your thoughts, and broaden your horizons as we delve into various topics. Prepare to unlock your true conversational potential, build confidence, and expand your knowledge in a dynamic and supportive environment. Join us in "Chat Masters" and embark on an enriching journey where your voice matters, and English fluency flourishes! 
(note: We added Thu5PM session!)

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Hi there! I'm Sabina, a friendly and experienced English teacher. I'm passionate about helping students achieve their goals and love making learning fun and engaging. With many years of teaching experience, I've honed my skills in creating effective lesson plans and delivering them in an interactive and approachable way. I believe that every student has the potential to succeed, and I'm committed to helping you unlock yours. In my free time, you can find me traveling and hiking, and I love incorporating my passions into my teaching whenever possible. So, Let's start learning together! 

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