Fri Evenings English Discussion Class ages 10-14/ 金曜4時半Chat Mastersディスカッションクラス

金曜4時半で、10歳くらいから14歳むけネイティブ講師のRaffinの"Chat Masters"クラスに空きが出ました。現在3名様受講中、あと1名さまのみお月謝3800円キャンペーンが適用されます。(月4回、1時間クラス、合計4時間)


Chat Masters by Raffin

Join the English Fun, Talk, and Grow!
In "Chat Masters," get ready to join a world of English fun, vibrant discussions, and personal growth! This class is all about honing your communication skills through lively conversations and thought-provoking discussions. Engage with your peers, share your thoughts, and broaden your horizons as we delve into various topics. Prepare to unlock your true conversational potential, build confidence, and expand your knowledge in a dynamic and supportive environment. Join us in "Chat Masters" and embark on an enriching journey where your voice matters, and English fluency flourishes! 

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