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From 5-14 year olds as our target, we are an after school community that connects students digitally/online. We provide online sessions  with themes such as global exchange, communication through English, presentations, and IT activities. We are recruiting students and intern high school students listed below:


Elementary to junior high school students that can speak English:

-   Lived in an English speaking region, but after returning to japan, less opportunity to speak English

-   Family members’ native language is English, however because school is Japanese, less opportunity to use English outside the house

-   After graduating from International kindergartens and preschools, English in Japanese school is not enough

-   Preparing to take examinations for returnees and want to study with returnee high school and college student role models


No matter what English/Japanese level, if you :

-   Wish to interact with people across borders through computers

-   Finished studying for jr-high school entrance exams and want to put effort into English or Japanese

-   Want to become a “Youtuber” but don’t know where to start (Newsroom activity)

-   Want something other than cram school

-   Want to practice presenting in front of people

-   Are inerested in English or Japanese and want to talk to native speakers

-   Want to experience activities similar to abroad summer camp more easily online


Our activities are led by Japanese and English speaking bilingual staffs, however students who cannot speak English or Japanese are also welcome!


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 Realizing the “beings” in life outside schools


Main concept of being”  (いる=illu ) has a meaning of 居る (being there),

illu as an image seems that “u” and “i” are there in front of two l’s, seeing them as two PC screens (or tablet).

There are also other different meanings and interpretations: 要る and 射る.


illu居る "Being Present"

Your companions across the screen.

The creators behind the products.

The author’s intention behind their words.

There is always someone behind a creation. We believe that when we understand and care for those people, the world will be a much better place.


要る "Being Needed"

Being aware of being needed by someone.

What can I do when I am being needed, and be helpful to others? What can I do to achieve that?

Acknowledging your own reason for “being” leads you to understand your life purpose, as well as what you’d like to achieve in the future. 



illu:射る "Being Struck"

Liking something so much that it feels like it won your heart.

A hobby you lose track of time.

An idea that gets your heart pumping just by thinking about it.

We offer a place to find and work on something you’d be passionate about.




Life outside school to realize the three “beings.”



The Clubrooms will illu-minate students’ afternoons

and for their illu-strious future.





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