Jessica's English Class for age 5-7

every Saturday 20:00~20:45

Jessica's English Class <Miles of Smiles> for 5-7 year olds

You will learn how to introduce yourself to others, practice English expressions that we use in our everyday lives, and even learn other subjects like Science and Math.
ほかのおともだちにじぶんのことをしってもらう いいかたや、まいにちのせいかつの なかで つかうえいごや、いろんなぶんか、さんすう、サイエンスも しれるクラスだよ!

Hi! I’m Jessica. Nice to meet you! l’m from the Philippines but I live in Canada right now. I really enjoy reading books and climbing mountains. I like to travel and see nature. Teaching is my passion and I taught in Japan for many years, too! My favorite Japanese food is okonomiyaki. I am excited to meet you all!


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